About Me

Matt Fusinato is a self starter of multiple successful businesses and has helped many clients and friends begin their own business online and off-line as well. Professional appliance repair technician for 18 years who has been in just under 2069 houses per year. Seen and done it all from the ghetto to the most expensive mansions in the world right here in Midtown Miami, Fl.

There comes a time in ones career when many options come together at the right time. For me personally it is when I decided to Go Pro in Network Marketing. The mentors that I have are the best of the best I surround myself with successful people and I hope this is expressed in my attempt to reach out to you through my words on this site. If you have any questions just ask. Research Build Relax!

Once I learned a few skills in FaceBook social media marketing my whole life changed instantly and I want to use this website and the links within it to share these secrets with you.

“Work full-time at your job and part – time on your fortune until the part – time income catches up with the full-time fortune.” Jim Rohn

“He is a Professional Team Builder and his skills are very easy to duplicate by anyone.” Renee F.

Advanced & trained in:

Network Marketing, Web Design, HTML, Online Social Marketing, SEO, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) on page and off page optimization, QR Code Campaigns, Survey Design, Social Media, Business Creation, Content Writing, Pay Per Click Campaign Management and more…

“If you need training on how to attract highly qualified leads for your network marketing business Matt is your go to guy.” David S.

I have a way of putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Just as I have disassembled many appliances and put them back together I am able to help do the same with your business and get you back up and running again better than ever!

Let me become your Trusted Adviser contact me today!