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In order to remain competitive in this new era you will need bust tools which allow you to leverage your marketing in social circles in the most efficient way possible. It is now verified and proven that you need build deep inbound social buzz and social proof becuase it is now considered a ranking factor and we have hundreds of case studies to prove it. Read the articles in the PDF document
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Social Buzz is THE new ranking factor. Get this or die online! SYNND is fully automated to give you what Google has validated...

Imagine you want to have four to six Social Buzzes about your business under the keyword you want to rank for. SYNND can produce 1st page ranking with absolute ease.

SYNND is the simplest way to generate quality target driven traffic, leads, or prospects to any url link you add
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Let me explain...

In a recent interview, Matt Cutts verified that Google's ranking dynamics are changing, as they are tracking things like Facebook "Likes" and Twitter "re-Tweets."

Social Media Science, and others, believe that this is actually being downplayed since Google does not own any of these social networks.

The importance of Social Buzz, and SYNND's position as the only true social buzz engine has not gone unnoticed either by other leading industry groups.

SYNND was just awarded the top spot by TopSEOs for their new category, Content Distribution, and the lone, true social buzz engine.

Over 100 years of combined Internet marketing experience, 4 years of software development, thousands of hours of testing and over 1 million lines of software code and we have developed THE tool that lets us FINALLY… Get Back to Business!

Let me share with you a way to help you get massive traffic to any online url that you are promoting. Imagine 700+ others in a group Commenting, Voting, re Tweeting, and most important Bookmarking your online content for you!

It just makes sense to use SYNND!

Google loves when your website is bookmarked and promoted from multiple IP addresses. In the past a person doing Search Engine Optimization would be doing everything from their own PC.

Now with The New Seo we are able to set as many campaigns in the hands of SYNND and be happy durring the day knowing it is running in the background while you run your business. These social media tools for marketing are helping each other using this content syndication marketing tool to get the top of the search engines. This is an exclusive club of successful online marketers setting and forgetting campaigns daily.

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