Horse Joint Supplements

The reason for creating this horse joint supplements post is for a few reasons as an SEO Spy sample. I have this keyword horse joint supplements and I created a website So I am doing my own tests and you can follow right along and copy this template for your own posts and web content SEO Search Engine Optimization.

If you were ever wondering how to get your pages or posts to the top pages of the major search engines then you can follow these basic steps I mention below. Trust me this is what all of the professional online search engine optimization people are doing for their client and charge an arm and a leg to perform.

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Horse Joint Supplements

Now back to the SEO of the page and how it works and how you can do these few simple steps to get your website found on all the top pages of the major search engines.

Best places to add your keyword:

  • Meta Tags Title, Keyword and Description
  • H1 Title 
  • In the 1st 90 Characters of the 1st paragraph
  • Sprinkled throughout the body... Have more than 400 characters or letters in the text
  • As an H2 Title
  • As a hyper-link one or 2 times

I practice this on everything I do as a habit now for over 15 years online! And it WORKS!!!

So even here on this post you will see the keyword in the places mentioned above in the bullet points. This is SEO for on the page this does not include the instructions for off page SEO such as Back-Links and social media and videos or articles etc...

One of the best things about search engine optimization if done correctly it should seem as a natural occurrence to the person searching on Google for what they are looking for to click a link and do their research even if they have limited attention span and then click a link or add their information to get more information that will help them make a decision to purchase. 

This is how SEO works!