Internet Business Training Program

Internet Business Training Program
By Ann Sieg And Mike Klingler

Two of the most popular and highly skilled online
marketing teachers have come together
once again to launch the

Renegade Breakthrough Mentoring Program!
internet business training program Ann Sieg/ Mike Klingler
12 Sessions: (Renegade Breakthrough Mentoring Program)

  • #1) Networking, Alliance, Partnering andJV’s

In this session you’ll learn...

-How to get more done with less work by
smart partnering/Internet Business Training Program

-Why the new leadership in business means more
opportunities for“ordinary” people (actually
everyone has unique aspects to bring to the
table, we’ll show you how to find yours)

-How to get anyone to joint venture with you
  • #2) You and Your Business Model: Viability & Long Term Growth

Internet business training program

-What it takes for you to succeed in this
business in a way that fits your values,
personality, and lifestyle

-Websites made easy(“Non-techie” options
for getting a strong, attractive presence
on the Internet)

-The definitive answers for which networking
companies you want to partner with and
what products you should promote
  • #3) Outsourcing & Building an All-Star Marketing Team

-Which aspects of your business you should
do yourself and which ones you should look
for help with(plus, the skills you thought
you needed that you NEVER have to develop
IF you don’t want to)

-Outsourcing methods to slash costs more
than you ever thought possible -– and free Internet Business Training Program
up huge amounts of time in the process!

-The best places to look and the biggest
mistakes to avoid when looking for help
  • #4) Market Research: Finding and Creating a Hungry Mob

Renegade Breakthrough Mentoring Program! 
-The secret of building a following of
people who are seeking YOU out

-How fun and common interests can turn
into sustained and increasing income

-The truth about products that “sell
themselves”(and how to find what’s
really hot on the market)
  • #5) Creating Content: Building Your Own Fort Knox

Internet business training program:

-Why what you say does matter and how to
attract profitable leads with your opinions,
values and observations

-Ethical shortcuts that take the struggle
and anxiety out of creating content

-How to effortlessly repackage the
same pieces of content multiple times
to instantly double or triple the amount
of money you make
  • #6) Copywriting: Words That Sell

Internet Business Training Program

-A simple way to make sense of copywriting
that attracts leads and closes sales

-Step-by-step instruction that makes
powerful copywriting easy

-Proven copywriting formulas and techniques
that work wonders on the Internet

  • #7) The First Phase of Your Marketing System:
Leading With Value

In this session you’ll learn...

-The secret that has turned previously unknown
people into legitimate“niche celebrities”
online virtually overnight

-The value paradox (How things that are obvious
to you will oftenbe seen as PRICELESS REVELATIONS
by other people who will then gladly become your
prospects and customers)

-Which free websites are the best to use for
leading with value, and how to use them to
get maximum results
  • #8) The Second Phase of Your Marketing System:
Closing The Sale

In this session you’ll learn...

-Why high pressure doesn't work (or it works
but doesn't last) and what works infinitely

-How to shift your thinking from scared-of-sales
to enthusiastic and confident which makes it
much easier to make a lot of money

-Simple things you can do to make it easy and
comfortable for your prospects to buy
  • #9) The Backend: Upsell Profits = Long Term Profits

Internet Business Training Program

-The money-in-your-pocket version of “it’s more
expensive to GET a customer than to KEEP one.”

-How to convincepeople to stay with you
and keep spending with you

-See residual income in a whole new light
(one that opens new marketing possibilities
for you)
  • #10) Marketing To Your Lists: Getting Multiple Product Lines

Internet Business Training Program

-The“multiple streams of income” concept
made real (and made easy) for networkers

-How to tap into legal, appropriate, low-effort
sources of additional income for yourself and
your family

-Money-making shortcut: How to set-up a new
income stream WITHOUT a product, website,
or even an ad!
  • #11) Traffic Generation: Stuffing Your Marketing Funnel

Internet Business Training Program

-The difference between good and bad leads
(and why good leads cost surprisingly less)

-A new definition of leadership, and how it
can give you more eager, profitable prospects
than you ever imagined

-The ultimate traffic generation secret:
How to permanently send streams of new visitors
to your websites while others struggle to learn
the latest online“fads”
  • #12) Monetization: Turning Losses Into Sources of Profits

In this session you’ll learn...

-How the right joint venture converts the
dreaded“NO’s” into welcome “cashflow”
for you

-The magic of repurposing: Turning something
that was a flop in one form into a profit
generator in another form

-Out of the box thinking that turns into
out of the ordinary wealth generation

Internet Business Training Program (Renegade Breakthrough Mentoring Program

Internet Business Training Program (Renegade Breakthrough Mentoring Program)

If you think you got what it takes to practice online marketing at an

advanced level to help generate paying customers
into your business.
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