This is a sneak preview of the interview process that you may want to glance at in your free time. 

Do not answer these questions in detail quite yet, just keep in mind we want every aspect of your business website taken care of top down.

We are serious about your success online.


    Give me an overview of the business.

    What is the biggest struggle your business is facing?

    What is the brightest point of your business? What's going well?

    What is your “exit strategy” for this business?
    How long until then?

    How do you plan to make it more valuable in the near and long term future?

    Have you done a SWOT analysis lately? (Strength, weakness, opportunity, threats)


    Describe your perfect customer.

    What type of customer do you NOT want?

    Do you ever fire customers?

    Do you currently get too many “bad” customers?

    Do you have a special way to recognize your top customers?

    What would your top customers say about you? Have you asked?

    Who talks to your customers the most frequently?

    Who else from your company deals directly with the end customers and prospects?

    What does your average customer spend with you and what is the profit margin.

    Are any of your products 'repeat purchase' type products?

    What are your most profitable products?

    Do you ever close business over the Internet?

    What products are sold online vs. offline?

    What percentage of each would you estimate?


    What types of advertising are you currently using?

    How do you feel about each of the approaches you've taken?

    What is the ROI of your current advertising efforts?

    What was the ROI in the past as compared to now?

    What are you spending on your yellow page advertising?

    What was the biggest waste of advertising dollars that you ever did?

    What are your most successful marketing and advertising efforts?

    How do you use testimonials in marketing currently?

    Do you have a referral program that rewards customers for sending you business? If so, explain how it works and how well it has worked in the past.


    What do you love about your current website?

    What do you hate about it?

    How do you feel overall about your current website?

    Who designed your website?

    Do you have a good relationship with them

    Who is in charge of website maintenance?

    How much traffic does your site get

    Why do you think that is?

    Do you track that in any way?

    What have others told you about generating leads and traffic on the Internet?

    Have you ever paid anyone to market your site for you?

    How did that go?


    Have you done any social marketing (Facebook, twitter, youtube etc.)?

    Have you ever used article marketing or press releases online?

    Have you ever had a newsletter for your customers?

    Do you currently get any business from your website or online marketing?

    What do customers see when they Google or Yahoo or MSN search your business?

    Are you using e-mail marketing in any way in your business?


    What is the top source currently of your best leads?

    Have you ever done a joint venture with a business that shares your same customer base?

    Do you have a sales funnel for business? (low price products that lead to larger priced products for the

    higher end more loyal/interested customers)

    What is the standard telephone greeting when a prospect or customer calls?

    How do you manage Prospect follow-up?

    Who talks to your prospects most frequently?

    Are you using email to follow up with prospects?

    What are the top questions you get in your sales process?

    What are the top questions you'd like to get in your sales process?

   Are you paying for leads from any other sources? What do you pay? What is the ROI?


    In what areas are you better than your competition?

    In what ways are you weaker?

    What is your market share?

    What is your perceived “rank” among your competition.


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