Are Lead Generation Companies All That?

So the question is Are lead generation companies really worth paying for? I am going to tell you straight up I do not believe it is worth paying the money unless you know for sure that you do not have the time to learn and do things on your own.

Many people like to have the freedom to create content on their own and feel great pride when they do all the keyword Search Engine Optimization SEO research and do everything correctly then see the post show up on the first page of all the major search engines!

If you are willing to learn the skills necessary that is take to find highly searched low competition keywords and use the keyword to create content such as videos, blog posts and maybe articles then please keep on reading... This just may be for you especially if you want to brand yourself as the authority in your field of work.

I created this video below that will explain exactly how to make money generating leads for your Network Marketing business or any business for that matter...

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Lead Generation Companies... Do You Use Them? And Why?

So we all need leads for our business. New clients are the life blood of everything we do without them we have nothing! Leads and referrals are what keeps my businesses alive for real. Many Lead generation company still have their purpose but for me I would rather learn from a community of highly skilled people who have been there done that for eight years straight, day by day pumping information and training and tools into one gigantic system!

So many things in SEO search engine optimization are changing daily. Now Google is Loving Video so is FaceBook. FaceBook Live is super huge now lead generation companies cannot help you with that, that is something you have to do on your own.

Think about it when you are scrolling down your FaceBook wall and you see a cool video you stop at it right? Well the search engines are taking notice of it and they are playing that into their ranking system. Meaning that they now measure the amount of time people spend engaging on your videos so if they are not compelling enough to keep peoples attention then your videos will be pushed down to the bottom and not many people will be seeing your content!

I did not make all of this stuff up I learned it in MLSP My Lead System Pro. Yes professionals taught me how to make compelling videos and I am getting better and better everyday stepping out of my comfort zone but I am getting it done! 

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MLSP My Lead System Pro