Making Money With A Blog!

Ever wondered how the pros are making money with a blog? KEYWORD RESEARCH!!! Yes SEO or Search Engine Optimization is exactly how many people including myself are generating leads and making money online. Why and how does this work so well?

See you have to be in the mind of the user on Google. What are they searching for? How can you put your offer in front of their eyes without seeming like you are trying to sell them? The key is learning how to find the keywords that people are searching for on a daily basis. Find what the competition is doing for that same keyword and then do better than them!

Get more incoming back links, do more blog posts, get involved in social media, make YouTube videos etc... People are making money with a blog!

One of the best things about a blog that many people never even think about is... All the pages if optimized correctly can be found on Google through the Keyword that was used to build the page. This is a good way for traffic since many people now will be coming in through the back door instead of finding your homepage (Front door).

I made this video and you can see exactly how I did the keyword research to find the keyword for this exact blog post. Learn where I put the keywords to trigger Google to look and pay attention to my content keyword placement is very important.

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Market Samurai

Making Money With A Blog The Simple Way!

Many people never even start a blog because they have fear of too much to learn and too much to set up.

First you need to know how to create a blog right? How to put all the correct plugins, how to set up your domain name to link to the DNS of the servers. 

Wrong!!! If you wanna make money with a blog then look no further than MLSP My Lead System Pro!

The way they have it set up it is as easy as setting up your account in MLSP and then once it there you watch a few videos that will walk you through step by step. Seriously they have it to where all you have to do is add a username and a title and click a button and your blog is created for you!

If you are serious about learning from a system that has been online for 8 years now and has helped many of the professional successful Network Marketer Trainers you see online then check this thing out trust me it is the best system for generating leads online. The best of the best have added their content in the system for 100% free and they even have something VERY SPECIAL for you who like affiliate marketing to generate some money on the side like I do!

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