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Here I will provide my personal network marketing lead generation advice on what to do and what not to do when creating content online.

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There is a correct way and an incorrect way to create content online. Anyone can just type about a personal subject that they may know about whether it be a business man in Europe promoting his lead generation website online?

Or even a stay at home Mom selling goods out of her home promoting her home based business?

Yes there is a free and easy way to promote things online and I would love to share a few personal examples here for you today.

Network marketing lead generation for any business you promote online today can actually be fun and very rewarding!

For example one of the creative ways I promote this very website along with the many products I promote is by using a website called

Please take the time now to click on above and then we shall continue. Save the Squidoo lens for future reference and correct key word placement

I have had that very lens "Or web page, Squidoo calls them lenses" on the 1st or 2nd page of the google search for the key word "Renegade University" for at least 2 months strong now!

Another form of free network marketing lead generation that I would like for you to duplicate in your own words and subject is a website called

Please take the time to click on and view a sample of this free network marketing lead generation advertising I uses for multiple visits per day and like I said totally free.

Network Marketing Lead Generation Education!

"Personally my process I created is simple and I would like to teach it to you.".

I build a webpage on this very website, then after it is built I go to or and create a free page of good content with specific key word placement describing in detail how to utilize what I just created on this website.

I then go to and create a free one paragraph article describing the Hubpage or Squidoo lens I just created.

Still on using key word placement on the same key word I used for the Hubpage/Squidoo.

Then shout it to all my friends I have on The more they Digg it the better!

Sometimes with in literally 3 hours I can type that key word that I placed perfectly on my content in the Google search engine and my pages will be on the first and second page nine out of ten times!

This is my free information I hope you experiment with it and track results just as I do.

Research your key word (Key work can be even 2 words such as Renegade University seen as one Key word) and the more unique and original you are the better.

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