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Lets dive right into this on site SEO checklist why don't we..?

Any time you are thinking of building a website, blog, article it is good practice to keep Keyword placement and Search Engine Optimization in mind at all times if you want your work to be found on the firt page of the major search engines.

1. META Tags 1st! Every website or blog should have a <META> section for Keywords, Description, Title Add the keyword at the beginning of all but blend it into the text to make it look as natural as possible for the title and description. Be sure to never spam it all over.
2. You will also want to add the Main Keyword in the H1 title tag (html code = <H1>Keyword</H1>) above the 1st paragraph of the blog post or headline of the web page.
3. Put the Main keyword in the 1st 90 characters as close to the beginning of the 1st paragraph and if you can, turn it into a hyperlink as well.
4. It is also good practice to sprinkle the Main keyword in the body of the content you are typing within every 100 words or so but be sure not to spam it all over too much or Google will slap you down a few pages!
5. Add the Main keyword as an alt tag in the images (<img style="width: 200px; height: 235px; float: right;"
 alt="Search Engine Optimization Tips"
 src="image-files/consult.jpg" hspace="3" vspace="3">
) Note where it says the letters alt="Keyword" This helps a website with accessibility as wel for people with disabilities to read instead of seeing what the photo is about.
6. You will also want to add the Main keyword somewhere in the footer of the page.

Just Copy Where I Use This Page Keyword
"On Site SEO Checklist"

If you follow everything exactly on the site seo checklist provided here on this webpage then you will have a larger advantage over any of your competition who just for example throws up some words.

With out this on site seo and by not using these best seo practices then your website unfortunatly will just be a glorified billboard just sitting there not being found!

You need good seo and high value low competition keywords in order to be found on the 1st page of the major search engines anytime.

If you need any help with SEO or would like to get an SEO XRay of your website then please fill out any of the contact forms found on the pages asap!

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