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There are many ways to increase page rank improvement. One of the fastest ways is to create a massive backlinks campaign on the major search engines. What I mean by that is you can purchase backlinks by the 1000's to improve page rank. This way the search engines will see that you are even relevant. Page rank Improvement

Many people also create articles and blogs that link to their site or they start link exchange programs with other top ranking websites that will put their link on a top ranking page.

In order for a page to even be ranked in the major search engines it has to follow a few special guidelines.

A few basic principles for a sites page rank to be improved is to try to have your keyword in the url of the page. Then put the keyword in the title on top of the page as an < H1 >, then as a hyperlink in the 1st paragraph, then from there sprinkle it with in the paragraphs every 100 characters or so. Never cram your keyword all over.

Spying on the competition that is already ranked for your keyword is essential as well for improving page rank.

What I mean by that is, if you see that once you type in your targeted keyword in the major search engines, study the sites at the top! See what title they are using, see what page rank they have, go to "View" at top left by file of your computer screen then hit "Page Source" and see the keywords they are targeting in the "meta tags" and read their description. Basic knowledge of html is required.

Now for unique page rank improvement all you have to do is make some web content better than theirs with better SEO Search Engine Optimization!

Follow these basic instructions when building web content and you will be on your way to the top of the major search engines in no time.

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