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Keep in mind every line break is a new day as you read my Renegade Blog.

Today it is Friday Aug. 29th 2008.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have added a new page to this website. click here: "Content King"

I surfed yesterday and it was choppy but a lot of fun if you have the patience as I do to wait fr the perfect wave.We have a few tropical storms out there that might get closer by the weekend and make things a little more interesting out in the ocean.I will keep my surf board in my vehicle all weekend just incase I am in the area and the waves look nice!

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Good morning it is Friday and this tropical storm Fay is still over my home! I got no home damage but my backyard is a mess and my back door is swollen shut from all the moisture.

I see a tree in my backyard that half of it is in my yard and the other half is dangling like 20 feet in the air in between 2 power lines for my neighbor and I. So once the weather dies down I will need to get the ladder out and take care of that mess.

Other than that the waves out in the ocean are hopefully gonna die down with the exit of Fay and will get to the ridable range this weekend!

I was experimenting with some HTML code this weekend and if you get the chance click on the left tab "Home Biz Plan" to see the new changes!

As you can see I have also added two YouTube videos and I will be adding more shortly. maybe this weekend?

Please take your time to click around on my website here and learn a little from all my extensive research. I have so much to offer and I have been getting so many questions that I might put together a separate section for Q & A.

Have a nice day!

Today is Sunday and I created a complete social marketing network for people who join my Championship Team will benefit from having a forum to speak of new techniques and to poet there own meetings. also timed out the waves perfect today with the high tide. I got to the beach around 5:30 and I knew high tide was around 8:51.

I like to get there a few hours early and get the full push of the high tide in my favor.I crashed hard my first 3 waves even hit my head. But I kept getting on that 9'ft board and paddled my butt off!

I found my balance and it was just in time for the bigger waves to start rolling in. I caught some very nice and clean waves today and had a real good time!

Lesson learned: Never give up!

I wrote a new article tonight. Please read when you get the chance it is called "Network Marketers Focus On Woman's Needs For Success In Writing Copy." Article

Watching 3 possible tropical storms that could turn into hurricanesover the weekend. Hoping they pick up this flat surf spell we have been having. I think the Saturday Full Moon will help us some as well!

Oh how things change for the better! We will officially be having Shop To Earn seminars/presentations at

Siam Spice 101 Bay St. Daytona Beach, Fl 32114 386-316-9603 THURSDAYS 6:30 - 8:30 PM Live tour call 7 pm.

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Well the day is almost done but it was very productive to say the least! I started at 9am at the beach with a good female friend and we surfed the very small waves together in a nice south spot called Ponce Inlet, Fl until 2pm. We had a lot of fun and I got a lot of sun today.

I then came home and got a new friend I met on Facebook to get her and her friend on the Shop To Earn tour call at 7pm.

Once done I told her to call me, I just met this girl yesterday from a chat I had on Facebook. She saw a post I had in one of the Groups I am in and asked me to approve her as a friend.

To make a long story short. Her and her friend are both in Ohio and they got on the tour call and they were so convinced that this is a good easy duplicatable money maker that they both joined through me tonight!

I then called a friend in Ft Lauderdale, Fl who was considering joining and I told her about the other two girls who joined tonight and she got on the computer and joined tonight as well!

So I have 3 new people in my organization with Shop To Earn and I could not be a happier person right now.

  • Monday 1pm Tour, 7pm Training, 8pm Tour
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  • Thursday 1pm Tour, 7pm Training, 8pm Tour, 10pm Tour
  • Friday 1pm Tour
  • Saturday 11am Training, 12pm Tour
  • Sunday 7pm Tour

If you have any questions, call 386-316-9603 or e-mail me personally, I would really like to get you on that phone call and learn what I have learned about this new online revolution that is changing so many lives. Please give it 10 min. of your time and I am sure you will be as excited as I am!

Just created a new lens on!Please click

I put a lot of effort into this as I always do.Hopefully the waves pick up! Very flat waves lately.

Hello and Happy Thursday!I got some real good news for those checking out My friend who owns that Thai Restaurant aked me if we could have weekly presentations at his place and I was in shock!

I wanted to ask him before I even got him to join but he supprised me by asking me to present it first.

I agreed and now I will be doing my first Shop To Earn presentation at Siam Spice Restaurant every Sunday 6-8 pm and we will get on the 7PM live tour call for all who attendSiam Spice 101 Bay St. Daytona Beach, Fl 32114 386-252-8792

I am excited to be the one doing the presentation. I hope in the future we are able to pack that place full! I know it will start off slow and I could care less because I know what has to offer and once people see the 7 Min. presentation in the overviews section by clicking on my photo in the site they will see why so many have joined to save and make money by shopping online!

Surf ReportI have my surf board in my car while I work today and I will go by the water around 3pm and hopefully there are some waves! It has been very weak since last weekend so we'll see?

Have a nice day and if you are in the area please contact me through my website About Me section if you would like to attend the Shop To Earn presentation.

Sunday is almost done and I am happy to say I got a good friend a Thai Restaurant owner to join as my 1st personal sponser that I will help educate and guide on a duplicated path to success. So Yes! I got my 1st person, my friend says to me, "You Poped your cherry!.

So I now have my top left position available. In a nutshell the higher up you are in my team the more people I will put under you in the future. That is the beauty of this system.

Once I get my 2nd person I will qualify to earn my money back that I put in with a few hundred profit! I only pushed this hard after I went to the 3 day seminar for the last week! That is one week and I will profit and soon to be over $1000 I would say in about 3 weeks I should be over $2000 honestly.

Just check this one out please do it for your own benefit.

Click on my Photo Bottom Left and then up to Overviews for a 7 min. video explains it all and if it makes sense Join Now! I joined right after I saw this video and guaranteed to make my money back and profit in 1st month.

I was at the beach from 10:30 am to about 3:30 pm the waves were very fun and had a group of friends I drank and ate what they cooked on the grill in the sand. Nice day all around. Perfect for the longboard today. Started out very low waves and we all sat around watching and waiting because we all knew the tide was about to change in an hour or two and once it did we were all in the water in and out all day many smiles!

Matt F.

Good Saturday morning to all! I did my stretches and about to do some yard work, I like being out in the sun makes me feel like doing something productive.

I begin by saying my friend who just got me into the Perfect Home Based Business Plan is now making over $4000, he started 1 month ago. His friend who got him in is making $4,500 he started 2 weeks before him. I have been in this for 3 weeks now and all I need to do is get my first two personals (clicked join now through my link) into this opportunity of a lifetime.Once I do that I am qualified to earn profit from the points that get racked up very quickly.The System is awesome please check this one out WWW.ShopToEarn.Net/Renegade

Other than that I believe I will meet with a friend and hang out at the beach the rest of the day, Waves are basically flat but fun long board day I suppose.Maybe I'll read this book in my chair that I bought off of my own website that paid me to smile when the box came in the mail yesterday. Bone Density and Blood Circulation Vit. /Mineral pills. We all could use a few more minerals in our system trust me.

Focus on the good and the root of all that will bring us money without greed. Help share the wealth with your friends even if it is a free smile, share it well.

Happy Marketing!