My greatest Endorsement that I just had to share with you all. This is from Richard Parry a Pro Copy Writing GURU / Marketing Genius!

Made me blush reading this and once done I was smiling ear to ear. Please read what he has to say about the service I provided for him.

Richard ParrySubject Email:
Knowing how to do "SEO" won't get your Google Love Done For You

Have you ever thought about writing your
own SEO product?

Have you ever thought about having your
own done for you SEO master just do it
for you and you just get results?
I know I have.
I bet that you know more about SEO and
link building than you will actually
ever need to know.
With perhaps one exception (ask me if
interested) every time I buy a product
on SEO I realize that there are basically
only 2 things that you need to know:
1. Build relevant links to your site
2. Have great content which is optimized
I can see that you are smiling now, because
you are trying to think of a third just to
prove me wrong. But you won't ;)
But still, are you doing everything that
you need to do in order to get great
positions in the search engines?
If not, I don't even think it is laziness.
I'd tell you if it was...I'm quite direct
like that.

I've build basic and premium SEO for you,
for your site, so you can literally move on,
Keep your SEO hands free,
Get SEO done like you want,
Without you doing it.
It is for the same reason that you prefer
to use a microwave than an oven even though
the extra 20 minutes surely won't kill you.
It is for the same reason that you bought
a pet as a child but never really looked
after it properly.
It is for the same reason that you always
arrive at the shops just 3 minutes before
they shut and then are surprised when the
shop assistant is cranky.
I think that you get where I am going with
Well, Matt Fusinato (Also known as My-Per-
sonal SEO Go To Guy) has come up with a
solution for this which you are going to love,
IF you know that you should be doing more
SEO but aren't because it just takes to long.
There is a phone number you can call to talk
directly to him after you see for yourself that
Matt has protected you in every way on his
website. You'll see it's extremely sound.
Go and take a look at:
As they say:
Watch a paid endorsement because it
is full of bull. Well, I'm not paid.
Keeping SEO real in an unreal world,
Richard Parry
P.S. The other thing that I love, is
that Matt is not using hype to sell his
done for you seo process. Just giving
you the facts which are enough to sell
themselves. Call him and get your facts
and end your endless nights like I did.

P.S.S. Who am I to give an endorsement
for Matt?  Well, Matt interview me for my
Marketing in the dental industry. Go visit
Matt's offer to you, call him and ask him
to email you the link. I'm not dummy and
Matt is my guy. Never get involved in any-
thing you don't understand.

Visit Matt here: "Ya, it's done for you but
Matt makes sure it does it with you FIRST."

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