Syndicated Content Provider

Syndicated Content Provider

by Matt
(Miami, Fl)

Syndicated Content Provider

Looking for a great Syndicated Content Provider? Well I have just the solution for you if you are looking to syndicated your content.

It is called SYNND!

Synnd is a tool that coordinates 900+ members (in concert) on a single member’s campaign (yours). It is the EQUIVALENT of having 900+ people promoting your content across the social web and the search engines so you can focus on other things.

Imagine 900+ people promoting your content on the most popular social networks as well as working to increase your rankings AND visibility in the search engines. That is what Synnd is all about… Automation and Power in Numbers… LEVERAGE!

Doing it yourself you would have to employ some very black hat tactics to maintain servers to run tasks across 36,000+ social media accounts and rotate 900+ IP addresses. Why not let the Synnd community handle this for you? … 900+ REAL people doing REAL promotions from their own computers, around the world.

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Feb 09, 2011
Syndicated Content Provider
by: Anonymous

This Syndicated Content Provider is excellent. I loved the video and I will check out SYNND a lot more now from your affiliate link my new friend,


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