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John Bothwell photo“Matt is the number one go to guy if you ever wanted to brand yourself and not your product. He has so many skills that he is willing to teach to anyone willing to learn. I found he has the best prices on the internet and he will take the time to show you step by step how to build content online to its maximum profit potential. Matt will take the time to help you become successful. He will be assisting me with the website for my next book."

John M. Bothwell, Ph.D.

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"Matt, I think the world of you and I am pleased and proud to say that you count me as one of your friends. Keep up the good work and continue to give others a sense of purpose"

"Matt I caught the show and think you guys are doing an awesome job. I applaud everyone that is making people's life better everywhere, especially you all over there"

Jimmy Williams

I am SOOO blessed to have found Matt Fusinato with RenegadeTaveleMarketer.com through Google Search Engines to help my business with online marketing. "Online marketing" doesn't begin to scratch the surface of what Matt has provided to my business... From the first five minutes I felt he had made himself part of my team and was looking at my business as if it were his, giving me tons of ideas and not trying to sell me anything I didn't need or understand.

His insights, knowledge, and passion for what he does have completely transformed my vision for my business, my perception of its unlimited possibilities not to mention helped me to develop key business strategies, increased my leads enormously and completely amped up my web site copy, functionality and SEO, all within one week. Worth every penny many times over! I'm telling everyone under the sun, Matt is the man! 


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David Sitto
att is someone who I trust when it comes to online marketing and SEO. He has helped me in many ways and I can't thank him enough. We share tips and tricks all the time. Some of the things he knows he got from me, and some I got from him. He is an equal non threatening person I am happy to call a friend. I highly recommend his services.

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Alecia Barnes"Matt is THE go to guy for internet marketing. I recently came to Matt in desperate need of help with my internet marketing efforts. I followed his step by step instructions as he watched, and I received page one Google results within 24 hours. I was amazed! I would highly recommend Matt to anyone in need of internet marketing help."

Alecia Barnes

“Matt Fusinato is a close friend of mine. I have seen him in action when it comes to creating content online. He has helped many people get a stronger online presence through his website www.renegadetravelmarketer.com. He is very approachable and always smiling, willing to help anyone.”

Sabrina Montemerani

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