Web Site SEO Analysis FAQ's 

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Web Site SEO Analysis FAQ's


How long will it take for the search engines to index my website?

This really depends on a few major factors. I have noticed that if your website already has a Google page rank of 2 or higher before I do any web site seo analysis on it, then it gets indexed for the keywords I research for the site sometimes with in 3 days to a week!
Now if the web site is is fairly new and no seo has been done to it and it is not indexed in Google yet, then it could take up to 1-6 months depending on if you create many backlinks to the site showing relevancy. Every article I create and any video I blast will create a backlink to your web site.

How do you find the best keywords for my website?

I have a few really cool tools at my disposal! This along with a lot of natural seo experience daily I use everything in a nice matrix that I explain to any client in more detail once a job has started.

What are the benefits of  adding SEO Search Engine Optimization to my site?

To me this is a no brainer... But I am here to educate you so here it goes. If your web site is either built or being built you might want to make sure that the keywords you use are even being searched for! So many people build a website before they even think of the site getting found by the search engines. This is a major waste of time and money.

To make it all make sense, if your website is not using seo then it is just sitting there
and will only get found by the traffic you force to it. SEO PREsells your information to people before they reach the site. Think about the next time you search for something the words you type and this is how you know when a prospect finds you they were already searching for you before they go there on the search engines. If you have good looking content with a complete web site seo analysis implemented, then you are generating what they call organic traffic.

How does your web site seo analysis work?

I will look into the back end of your web site and let you know the relevancy of your Tile, Keywords, and Description. You will know where I can help you improve for more organic traffic and I will explain where the changes are needed.

Do your articles and videos get to the top of the major search engines?

Yes All Of Them Do! I know the power of every keyword before I do any work online. This stuff works!

What are your prices?

This Is hard to narrow down because every client is different. I try to keep everything transparent throughout every job. Once I do your web site seo analysis then you will know exactly where we both stand. Here are the basics: $45-$65 per article I create, $55-$75 Video I blast, and $105-$200 per page I create. I have a Keword Research / labor initial fee along with a Monthly Ongoing Support fee

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