What Is Lead Generation Marketing?

Ever wanted to know What Is Lead Generation Marketing? Well there are many ways to go about it I guess. From all of my experience I do know it is best to NOT lead with your business opportunity or your product! People do not want to feel like they are trying to be sold something so the more natural it is to them the more likely they will buy from you.

The best way to achieve this is to ask strategic questions. For example what do you think sounds more natural and who would you more likely to purchase from?

WRONG: A person who says something like. HEY! I just joined this amazing company XYZ they are the best in the industry and I love the product it is the only thing like it on the planet! I will send you the link to my presentation and you should watch it as soon as possible I know you will love it as much as I do! You gotta join I know you will be awesome in this! I am so excited!!!

Now the correct way as to What Is Lead Generation Marketing done right...?

CORRECT: Whats up my friend it's been a while since we spoke how you been? .......That's great. You now I have always seen you as a stand up professional in the real estate industry and I always value your opinion as a lifelong friend of mine. I just got involved in something that seems like it will be very profitable for me and my family. I don't know if it is for you or not but if I send you some information on it would you take a look at it and perhaps let me know if you know anybody this would be good for?

Do you see the difference?!?

The first person was all excited and just vomited all over their friend and demanded that they watch the video presentation.

Now the 2nd person used two amazing words If I , Would You? These two magical words will get you more leads than you can ever imagine trust me it works!!!

What Is Lead Generation Marketing?

Well if you want to know how the professionals do it then you may want to check out this video I made a while back on Hypnotic Writing. The tips and tricks in this video will help anyone who is trying to generate leads by branding themselves as an authority in their industry. High quality branding will help you stand out above the rest of your competition and this is what it's all about right?

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